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I want to touch on something that I think is still under promoted and undervalued in today’s world. The value of discipline…More specifically, self discipline.

The world is full of tales and stories of successful people… Many ask…How did they do it? How is it possible to reach such levels? What drove them to do it? Many others say…They are so talented and that is why they are successful.

They were lucky to be born with opportunities… They were set up to succeed, they had rich parents, grandparents, etc..

The truth is that, most times, the amount of success people achieve is tied to their

self-discipline and mastery of the same.

At BP Agencies, our mission statement

includes the word discipline because without it, we won’t become the largest and the finest.

Without discipline we don’t even deserve to become a successful enterprise.

So my question to you reading this today is… How disciplined are you with what matters the most? What areas of your life could improve with increased self-discipline? Are you catching my drift here?

This is why talent will never be enough… If you have God-given talents or the ability to be good at something with minimum effort, consider yourself fortunate. Most of us had to and continue to work hard to develop in the

critical areas of our business and why not… our life. However, if you have talent and you combine self-discipline I promise you that this opportunity can be life changing and you can positively affect future generations of your family.

When talent works hard and exercises discipline… Watch out! When talent and self-discipline combine you could be on stage, get promoted faster, build a legacy and in the process help hundreds of thousands of working families secure protection all the while you build your net worth into 7 figures. Yes, 7 figures.

Think of the most important and precious things in life and think how you can add value to them through daily self-discipline… Success is a journey and not a destination… Embark on the journey of self-discipline and see your career at BP Agencies flourish… Believe you have arrived at your destination (success) and begin the backward slide… It is that simple and powerful.

So to stay on the journey and path of success, be sure to stay disciplined on the basics, have a small rear view mirror, don’t over celebrate your achievements and stay humble and grounded. Thank you.

-Byron Paz CEO

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