Mike Vasu teaches #SacrificeCreatesOpportunity It was a time of excitement in our Agency, we had just received great news a few days ago; the provincial examinations were finally re-opened and our newest team members were now able to book their provincial exams. This was a big relief because it felt for many this did not happen soon enough. We at Bp Agencies never lost our energy and excitement for the future! As COVID-19 was about to enter its second wave, the news of the provincial examinations re-opening online was a sign that things were about to get back to ‘normal’. Although as I write this blog, we are far from ‘normal’, we have a lot to be grateful for in 2020. I can tell you that one of the things we are grateful for is the chance to have the most elite leaders in our great company spend time with our agency. This was the case on August 17th/2020. We had no other than Mr. Mike Vasu speak at our Monday Agency Huddle. Mike leads the Vasu Agency of Texas and not only is he a friend of Bp Agencies, he is someone who inspires teams across AIL and soon the world. His motto of #SacrificeCreatesOpportunity is the driving force behind his success as a leader as well as all areas of his life. We were lucky to have him speak at our huddle! Thank you Mike! https://vimeo.com/490306554