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It was an afternoon in Burlington, I was at the Brant Street Office of the Chalom Agency. I was an MGA retraining one of my SAs who had suffered an accident and she was ready to get back to work. I was on my 11th year with American Income Life (AIL) and I was feeling the itch for something bigger and maybe, perhaps, even better…

In my 11 years with AIL and the Chalom Agency I had achieved respectable success, being a top-20 MGA/RGA worldwide for the past 5 years. I had learned the business from a legend in our company but felt I was not at the right place anymore… I wanted more…

So that afternoon, the call came… Byron, you are being promoted to SGA in Ontario… I could not hold myself as tears went down my cheeks as I was trying to hold my happiness and joy. I knew I was ready, it was time…

And that is how BP Agencies was born…We had no office, no team, no business on the books, and no furniture. It was just me signing a contract and saying “yes” I will build it and grow it.

My initial years of the business were challenging like most start-ups. A lot of sleepless nights, a lot of work, a lot of foundational work, a lot of sweat equity but no real financial and tangible equity…

And then we moved into 845 Harrington Court. We finally had an address after 4 months… Office but no furniture, then furniture but no chairs.

I’m very proud and excited about recognizing our agency, its culture, our achievements and to celebrate life at BP Agencies!

Thank you to everyone that has made BP Agencies an amazing place to work and to reach your career goals.

Thank you to my family and to my children for being my continued source of inspiration.

Cheers to BPA Life!

-Byron Paz CEO

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