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Agency Owner & CEO of Bp Agencies – Byron A Paz was born in Guatemala City, Guatemala, and moved to Toronto in February of 2000. He has been associated with AIL since November of 2002 and obtained his Life license and underwent training to start serving working families in the Greater Toronto Area since February of 2003 with The Chalom Agency of AIL.

Byron was excited about a career in the financial services industry and particularly with the AIL- Chalom Agency due to its growth potential and AIL’s Lead Generation system. Byron loves serving clients and helping Agents reach their goals.

Byron’s success didn’t take long as he received his first promotion within his first 6-months of tenure to a Supervising Agent. This promotion was followed by another promotion to General Agency (Agency Leader)9 months later. In August of 2005 Byron achieved his third promotion to Master General Agent (MGA) and started to grow and build teams all across the GTA. Within 12 months of his MGA promotion Byron achieved Regional General Agent status and he consistently ranked among the Top 20 RGA/MGAs worldwide with AIL. In December of 2013 after 8 years of becoming an MGA, Byron received his State General Agent promotion and become an agency owner under a partnership that saw the birth of Paz Agency.

The Paz Agency was named top rookie agency of the year in 2014 and received international recognition. After growing the Paz Agency from zero to 30 associates within 36 months, the Paz Agency had a spectacular 2017 being the second highest agency with growth in performance factor in all of AIL worldwide earning Byron an appointment to the AIL Executive Council of 2018. The Executive Council is a group of Elite Leaders that help the CEO and Executive Team in an advisory capacity to best strategize for continuous and future growth; This is Byron’s highest accomplishment to date.

In January of 2018 Byron Paz partnered with Josh Chalom to form the Chalom Paz Agencies. This venture lasted 20 months and in September of 2019 Byron became a sole-proprietor of Bp Agencies.

Since then BP Agencies has been once again an award winning agency with the year 2020 looking to be yet another growth year for this superb team. Bp Agencies Mission Statement is clear as to why this continues to be a winning team :





In his free time, Byron loves spending time with his two children William and Galilea. Byron is an avid reader and has read up-to-date over 100 books. Byron loves playing soccer & is also passionate about traveling the world and has visited 24 countries. Byron has been a Real Madrid fan since age 5. He is also a passionate music lover and latin dancer.

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Are you ready to start a new career?

We’re looking for a select group of leaders, entrepreneurs, and high achievers who see the value in our opportunity of a lifetime. Say yes to Bp Agencies of AIL and we’ll give you the ability to have an outstanding income and a whole new lifestyle. A career with American Income Life Insurance Company gives you freedom. The choice is yours!

  • We were voted by as the 24th happiest company to work for in 2018!
  • We thrive as a team due to our diversity! At Bp Agencies we have 12 different languages spoken!
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Who we serve.

American Income Life & Labor Unions

Since 1951, American Income Life has operated in the spirit of ‘Be Union – Buy Union.’ Wherever and whenever there is an opportunity to further the cause of labor, we are the first in line. From the representatives in the field who write an application, to the administrative staff at the Corporate Office, all the way up to the CEO, everything is done under the union label ... and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Through our long-term relationship and commitment to organized labor, we have been able to develop a Labor Advisory Board made up of more than 50 international union leaders, AFL-CIO representatives, and ‘Change To Win’ representatives who advise us on the best way to be of service to the labor movement.

American Income Life's Commitment to the Mission of Labor

American Income Life and National Income Life Insurance Companies have a commitment and dedication to helping working families during their times of need. We take pride in:

  • Walking picket lines to support union members
  • Setting up food banks to support striking members
  • Offering other support as needed

Our Corporate Office union members fight locally, statewide, and nationally for what really matters — good jobs, affordable healthcare, and the right to organize.

American Income Life & Credit Unions

From the beginning, our focus has always been on making quality insurance products available through credit unions with which the average family is affiliated. This makes it convenient and cost effective for working people to purchase benefits they might not otherwise be able to access. We serve more than 20,000 organizations nationwide, representing more than 2 million policyholders. At American Income Life, we continuously strive to deliver one-on-one, superior service to credit unions and their members.

American Income Life's Commitment to the Mission of Your Credit Union

Credit union goals are varied and unique. We customize our marketing plans to help achieve those goals. We listen to the credit union and work together to develop personalized marketing plans and services. Our marketing plans are designed to support the credit union’s initiatives and strategies, all at no cost to the credit union.

Credit Union Services – Whether your goals are membership renewal, membership retention, increasing member participation in credit union services, credit union growth through new members, or enhancing your credit union profile within your community, our programs can benefit you.

Surveys – Member feedback is important. AIL representatives can help gather data the credit union can use to enhance your efforts to become a member’s Primary Financial Institution.

Increased Loan Value – We work with you to identify members who are in need of car loans, mortgages, and credit cards which help you recapture revenue being lost to banks and financing companies.

AIL’s Commitment to Associations

American Income Life's goal is to protect all working families, and this protection extends to associations. Regardless of whether your association is for licensed professionals, a fraternal organization, or recreational purposes, your members deserve that protection.


Community Service

AIL encourages its representatives to help support our marketplaces. Our representatives are involved in food banks, community projects, and various local and state charities.


Marketing Plans

AIL listens to association directors and works with them to develop marketing plans specific to their needs.

Whether your goals are membership renewal, membership growth, or enhancing your association profile within your community, our programs can help you.

For more information on how AIL can partner with your Association to provide valuable benefits to your members, please visit our Contact page.

What Makes Us Unique

Bp Agencies of AIL is in alignment with Globe Life’s Mission of Making Tomorrow Better by providing  protection to the segment that contributes the most to our economy - WORKING FAMILIES.           We pride ourselves in protecting and serving working families across Canada, the United States of America and New Zealand. We pay annually over $200,000,000 in claims to working class families across the countries we serve.

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